While the internet is great for finding many generally useful educational technologies, it is not as helpful when looking to address specific  conceptual issues in science education.  In order to deal with this issue, I am initiating a blog which I hope will serve as an exchange of ideas to facilitate teaching of one specific biology subject, namely meiosis.

In teaching general biology and genetics, I have found that students struggle  greatly with this topic. They have trouble distinguishing the different stages and differentiating homologues and sister chromatids. Not surprisingly they also have difficulty understanding the big picture questions of meiosis and understanding how it differs from mitosis.

In order to address these problems I have developed a number of activities to assist the students.  Each blog post in this series will highlight a specific activity.  I hope that these resources will be helpful and that other teachers will share what works for them in this subject.

These resources were made for a college  biology class, most  but should be adaptable for high school  basic biology classes and AP classes.

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